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Makedonia Keliling Dunia

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Sekolah Kristen Makedonia was established in 2002 with more than 500 students from kindergarten to college. SKM is located at Ngabang, Landak Regency, West Kalimantan. As a non-profit institution, we aim to provide a decent education for the unreached group of children. In fact, we have almost 70 % of students who came from a low-income family background. However, the spirit of changes within our students has triggered us to explore new things and bring the world to them. Align with that, Makedonia Keliling Dunia is presented to transform students’ perspectives and to learn from the natives. This program is a cultural exploration virtually and expected to deliver more than 10 native speakers from different countries.


The students will be able to:

1. learn the countries globally and their cultures from the natives.

2. have a courageous in learning and speaking English with the natives.

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